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Promotion Awards! - Dani - 07-24-2018


[Image: ogusers_instagram1.png] - Make an Instagram post shouting out OGmedia
[Image: ogusers_twitter12.png] - Make a Tweet shouting out OGmedia
[Image: ogusers_youtube2.png] - Make a YouTube video that is a minimum of 10 seconds shouting out OGmedia
[Image: ogusers_snapchat.png] - Make a Snapchat Story shouting out OGmedia
[Image: ogusers_promoter4.jpg] - Refer 3 members to OGmedia and every member referred makes a minimum of 5 post
[Image: ogusers_migration.png] - Migrate from another forum to OGmedia

Post below what award you need + the link shouting out OGmedia.org

Thank you!